Based on French cuisine with many accents from around the world, Mosaic serves a unique menu in a café-style atmosphere. Throughout the menu, look for various cuisines from around the world, such as waffle French toast from Belgium, tomato and pesto soup from Palermo, Italy, artichoke and spinach dip from the USA, and chocolate financier direct from heaven.

Have you ever had a waffle sandwich?

The chefs at Mosaic Cuisine & Café have been working since 2001 on an alternative to bread or wraps for sandwiches. Thus, the waffle sandwich idea was born. We have created a waffle recipe that is incredibly light and crispy. With fewer carbs and more protein, our waffles fit perfectly in our search for Atkins-oriented dishes.

These waffles are either topped or stuffed, sweet or savory, and are served all day from breakfast to dinner. Always baked at the last minute on our square waffle irons, you are guaranteed a sandwich that will surprise you with its unique flavor, lightness, and freshness.