Valentine’s Day Menu

February 14, 15 &16, 2019

COCKTAILS (choose one)

Hopeless Romantic vodka, strawberry, raspberry, lime
Forever in Love whiskey, licor 43, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon
Unconditional rum, chocolate, orange, hazelnut

STARTERS (choose one)

Crème de Cassoulet, Floating Foie Gras
Old vine Zinfandel Balsamic glaze (indulgence)

Wedged Limestone Bibb Leaves, Panko Chèvre Crottin
Pickled shallots, candied almonds, rosemary tuiles, star anisée vert jus dressing (gardez la ligne)

Pernot Flambé Escargots Bourguignon in Crimini Mushroom Shell
Parsley thatched crèpes and spätzle (a little French, je ne sais quoi)

Grilled Bluepoint Oyster Rockefeller
Speck and salmon roe (aphrodisiac)

ENTREES (choose one)

Cognac Flambé Filet Mignon, Porcini and Beech Mushroom Sauce
Peruvian purple potatoes au gratin, roasted asparagus (so sexy)

Duck Leg Confit and Duck Breast à l’Orange
Wilted kale, sweet potato pear purée, sauce orange Apicius (let’s mate for life)

Duo of Quails, Roasted Quince and Honeycrisp Apples
Squash risotto, arugula laced cranberry Port reduction (ménage à deux)

Herbal Tisane Fumet Infused Salmon Medaillon, Seared Lemon Verbena Polenta
Cardamom beurre rouge, fennel citrus salad (stimulation)

Grilled Diver Scallops and Prawns: Parsnips Vanilla Purée & Parsnips Chips
Jade sauce, grilled sundried tomato waffle (a moment of desire)

DESSERTS (choose one)

Raspberry 3 ways, Cheesecake, Pate de fruits and Lace Cookie Napoleon (raspberry fields forever)
Chocolate Galore: Pot de Crème, Trianon & Bittersweet Mousse salted caramel (are you in the mood?)
Revisited Dacquoise, Fondant au Chocolat sour cherry coulis (passion play)
Nutella Coconut Frozen Soufflé warm red berry crush (I have a crush on you)
Cassis Perfect Poached Pear Bergamot crème anglaise (frisky and exiting)

$69 per person or $159 for 2 with a bottle of Prosecco